Bridal Boot Camp – Look HOT in your Wedding Dress!

Bridal Boot Camp – What is it?

Bridal Boot Camp is a real solution to looking smok’in HOT on your special day! What is our magic formula?  FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT = SUCCESS!


Bridal Boot Camp –  How does it work?

Bridal Boot Camp is a 30, 60 or 90 day commitment of your preferred Beachbody workout program and replacing one meal per day with Shakeology! Grab your bridal party and invite them to join you. I have an optional private accountability page for support and motivation on Facebook. We all work together and help each other WIN!  This is a proven and simple formula and those who commit are much more likely to finish and GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST RESULTS!

–You do everything at home, on your time and your schedule.

–Optional group interaction is all done on a private Facebook group where the team posts each day.

Bridal Boot Camp – What are my Challenge Pack Options?

Bridal Boot Camp
Bridal Boot Camp Challenge Pack Options

Bridal Boot Camp – You Have Choices!

I have 2 options for enrolling. Either way, your initial Challenge Pack investment is exactly the same. Which is best for you?

1. Enroll with a Coach Member Account, where you save 25% on all future orders and can earn money for referring people to the Challenge (3 or 4 referrals and your cost is covered).


  1. Go to
  2. Click Coach Button – then click Yes I want to be a coach on pop up screen
  3. Fill out Coach Information page, check 3 boxes at bottom and sign, click “continue enrollment”
  4. Pick Challenge Pack
  5. Checkout
  6. Set up Get Started Right with your Sponsoring Coach

2. Enroll as a Challenge Customer, where you pay retail and waive your right to the discount and referral income options.


  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and Click the “Beachbody Challenge” Ad Banner on right side
  3. Click “Take the Beachbody Challenge”
  4. Enter your Beachbody Challenge info to enroll as an Official Challenger
  5. Choose Challenge Pack
  6. Checkout
  7. Notify your Coach your order is complete so they can verify it went through properly

Not ready for a 30+ day commitment? Try our 21 day Ultimate Reset Cleanse or our Shakeology 3-day Cleanse!


Bridal Boot Camp #1I WILL FOLLOW THE PROGRAM –Do the entire program as suggested, including workout, beginning and monthly photos and measurements, the fit test, and nutrition based on the program guide or the Online Menu Planner available with the Club Membership.

Bridal Boot Camp #2 – I WILL DRINK SHAKEOLOGY ONCE A DAY — Preferably for a healthy breakfast, but any of the 5 meals will do! This is a much needed investment into my health and I am committed to doing this for the entire 30, 60, or 90 day program.

 Bridal Boot Camp #3 – (OPTIONAL) I WILL POSITIVELY ENGAGE WITH THE SMALL GROUP — We all hold a valuable spot in this 5 person team, and we need all of us to do our part, to help, encourage, challenge, and praise each other on Facebook and one-on-one via messages and phone.

 Bridal Boot Camp #4- I WILL LOG MY WORKOUTS IN SUPERGYM — This will explained in detail after enrollment. Simply enter email and password, and click on “SUPERGYM” on the left-hand side of the page.  Logging my workout increases my accountability.  And I may be eligible to win $500 DAILY.  HOW COOL!

Bridal Boot Camp #5 – I WILL NOT OVERTRAIN —  I will focus all of my exercise efforts on this program and not overtrain my body by adding additional workouts.

Bridal Boot Camp #6 –I WILL SHARE MY ACTIVITY — I will report DAILY to the Challenge Group upon completion of my workout, and I will share how my eating was for that day.

Bridal Boot Camp #7 –I WILL SHARE MY PHYSICAL RESULTS —  The more I share the more I give inspiration and gather support.

 Bridal Boot Camp #8 – I WILL SHARE MY EMOTIONAL AND SOCIAL RESULTS — Along the way you will experience “life changes” on more than just a physical level.  TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

 Bridal Boot Camp #9 –I WILL FINISH — I am making a commitment. It is my duty to myself and other to FINISH this program!  I WILL NOT STOP SHORT my wedding day is too important to me.

 Bridal Boot Camp #10 –I WILL PAY IT FORWARD — The change begins with me, and along the path there may be other who ask, who need, or who want to know about what I am doing.  I am committed to paying it forward as the opportunity arises.  I can pay it forward by referring them to the challenge organizer, or by joining my team of coaches who organize challenges for others.

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