Tips On How To Become a Successful Coach

So many people ask me tips on how to become a successful coach!

✔︎ Research the hierarchy of your TEAM. Select a coach that is experienced, has tenure and has gone through the normal  “growing pains” with the company.

✔︎Ask questions! Is there a sustained, proven track record of running a large successful team, and a training program already in place?

✔︎Trust your gut! This business is a “Do Then Learn” NOT a “Learn then Do” business. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success for years to come.

My promise to you:

1️⃣I will give you my time to get you started right in this business.

✅I want you to win on game day! I will take the shots and the tough questions from your prospects as we present the opportunity.

✅I will help you enroll your first 2 coaches and show you how to duplicate this process.

2️⃣I will give you my knowledge and everything you need to know about this business.

3️⃣I will become your business mentor.

4️⃣I will do it for you, then with you, then ultimately counsel you on how to do it.

5️⃣My word is good with you!  I will be here for you if you are building the business!

✅I will be truthful with you at all times.

✅I want you to be the most successful person in this organization.

6️⃣My goal is to get you to advance rank 3 times in the first 90 days!

✅Advance one rank in your first 30 days.

✅Advance to the next rank in your first 60 days.

✅Advance three ranks in your first 90 days.

7️⃣I will work as hard as you are willing to work.

I am a Star Diamond Coach and the founder and creator of the Star Diamond Dynasty!

My organization is part of the largest, most successful team of coaches in the entire network. We are the Elite Platinum Presenter team for BODi in North America, Canada and the United Kingdom! 

I look forward to working with you!

Yours in Friendship & Success,

Want to be a successful coach?
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