Healthy Taco Bowl Salad

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🌮Did someone say taco bowl?🌶

I love this low carb luxury treat made with ground beef, sauteed veggies and all my favorite toppings!

Plus the recipe super easy!

  • Firstly, your main protein can be ground beef or ground turkey. If you want to keep it super lean, then use turkey meat.
  • Black beans add another layer of protein and are high in dietary fiber.
  • The brown rice gives you your good carbs and extra dietary fiber. This will give you sustained energy for the days tasks ahead.
  • Tomatoes are an amazing source of vitamin C and potassium.
  • And the avocado, an optional ingredient, is full of all the good fats you need in your diet for great skin, hair and lowering your cholesterol levels. (But I would recommend adding the avocado on the day of serving to prevent any browning).

Hope you guys enjoy! More meal preps ideas to come! Maybe a thanksgiving bowl?!

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Lisa Humphrey

Lisa Humphrey

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