Personal Trainer Salary – #1 Secret to Earning MORE!

Personal Trainer Salary – #1 Secret to Earning MORE!

Personal Trainer Salary – What is the #1 Secret to earning more income?

Personal Trainer Salary
Personal Trainer Salary

Your Personal Trainer Salary can increase! In your sleep! Seriously! It’s called, “residual income.” Joining a network marketing company like Beachbody makes perfect sense if you are currently a Personal Trainer interested in increasing your salary!

Personal Trainer Salary – My top 5 reasons why becoming a Beachbody Coach makes sense for Personal Trainers:

  1. Personal Trainers and Beachbody have the same mission. Get people fit and healthy while using fun & effective exercises to end the trend of obesity in America.
  2. Personal Trainers can now become Qualified AND Certified to teach the P90X Format.Certifications in Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift and our entire line of fitness products are in the pipeline for certification eligibility.
  3. Beachbody has partnered with Powder Blue Productions to bring more certifications to Personal Trainers.
  4. Personal Trainers provide excellent workout routines for their clients. I have some of the top licensed Personal Trainers & Nutrition experts on my team from all over the country.
  5. Personal Trainers and their clients need nutritional supplements just like any fitness enthusiast. Vitamins, recovery drinks, protein bars, joint supplement, energy drinks and our #1 selling continuity product out of Beachbody doors every month, Shakeology! It’s our all-natural, whole food, 70 ingredient shake for weight loss, ultimate health and energy.

Personal Trainer Salary – What You Need to Know:

  • How you can EASILY get between 3-5 new clients WEEKLY to increase your Personal Trainer salary given to you by Beachbody. These customers come from people who have seen our infomercials on television and have called Beachbody to order a product. Beachbody then gives these customers to qualified coaches on a rotation basis.
  • How you can realistically have the opportunity earn a 6-figure income (or more if you follow the Game Plan and really work your business)
  • How you can EXPLODE your Personal Trainer Salary by using Beachbody Challenge Packs! Challenges can be done online via Facebook or at your local gym.
  • How you can get clients who may have quit using your services in the past to come back to you to increase your Personal Trainer Salary.
  • How you can go on vacation anytime you like, not have to worry about losing clients, and how you could still get paid while you are away.
  • How you and your clients can win up to $1,000 daily just by logging in workouts in our virtual online Super Gym.
  • How you can start leveraging the Beachbody Business in as little as a few hours per week in conjunction with your current business to increase your Personal Trainer Salary.

Why trust the Beachbody Opportunity to increase your Personal Trainer Salary?

  1. Beachbody has just been given and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  2. The Direct Selling Association presented Beachbody with a Raising Star Award.
  3. The Los Angeles Business Journal rated Beachbody as the 43rd fastest growing private company in the United States of America.

Are you ready to increase your Personal Trainer Salary?

You got started in this business because you wanted to help people get in shape and of course you need to earn a decent living at the same time.

Are you ready for a change? I’ll work with you and mentor you one-one to increase your Personal Trainer Salary.  As an Elite Platinum Presenter and top leader with Beachbody, I have earned numerous Awards & Recognitions. I would love to share my “secret sauce” with you that has helped me become successful beyond my wildest dreams!

CLICK HERE to join my team and let’s get you started!

Lisa Humphrey

Lisa Humphrey

I’m a wife, mother and successful home business owner. I have worked in the medical field for over 20 years in departments such as Obstetrics & Gynecology, Nuclear Medicine, Marketing and the Health Sciences Library.

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