Shakeology Cheap – Extreme Discount HERE!

Shakeology Cheap – How you can get an EXTREME Discount?

How can you save up to $60 on shipping and free gifts and get Shakeology Cheap or (FREE)? Keep reading…

Let’s look at the retail cost for Shakeology:

Shakeology Cheap
Shakeology Cheap - OPTIONS AVAILABLE!

Chocolate: $119.95 + $10 shipping + tax (depending on state of residence)

Greenberry: $119.95 + $10 shipping + tax (depending on state of residence)

Tropical Vegan Strawberry: $129.95 + $10 shipping + tax (depending on state of residence)

The cost averages approximately $4.30 to $4.67 per meal (30 day serving bag) which is actually getting Shakeology cheap! Think about all the unhealthy choices we make each day and pay MORE for our fast food lunch or fancy coffee drink laden with sugar and chemicals.

It’s a decent value but how does it compare to the grocery store brand?

    • Do those shakes contain digestive enzymes that allow the body to absorb nutrients?
    • Do they have natural prebiotics to aid in healthy digestion?
    • Do they have 8 adaptogenic herbs to protect the body from stress?
    • Do they have enough antioxidants to reduce free radical damage to your body by 45%?
    • Do they contain 70 of the most potent, all-natural, whole food ingredients available for health, weight loss, and energy IN THE ENTIRE WORLD?
    • Do they offer a Vegan option? Are they sugar, gluten and caffeine free AND certified low glycemic?

What’s really in that shake? Is Shakeology Cheap when you compare the value of ingredients?

Now I understand that Shakeology is “The Healthiest Meal of the Day” but how do I get Shakeology Cheap?

I love a bargain as much (or more) than the next guy! AND I hate to overpay. I have two options available for you to purchase Shakeology Cheap and/or highly discounted!

1. Get Shakeology Cheap! Enroll as a Retail Customer on HOME DIRECT, where you qualify for up to $60 in free gifts, shipping and tax reductions. However, you pay full price for Shakeology and waive your right to a 25% discount and referral income options.

(Home Direct can be cancelled ANYTIME, as quickly as upon receipt of your order, by sending Beachbody a short email at

Let me break this down for you and show you how to get Shakeology Cheap:

Free Shipping: $10.00 + Value
Free Thin Kitchen Recipe Book $20 Value
Free 2-Digital Shakeology Workouts; a 30 & 50 minute workout $30 Value
Pay reduced or no tax (depending on state of residence)
Total Savings with Free Gifts: up to $60.00

2. Get Shakeology Cheap! Enroll as a Coach Member, where you save 25% on your order and all future orders and can earn money for referring people (3 or 4 referrals covers the cost of your Shakeology) By becoming a Coach Member and choosing the Home Direct option, you get ALL OF THE FREE GIFTS AND SHIPPING IN OPTION #1) It’s a savings of over $300/year. You really can get Shakeology Cheap!

Let me break it down for you and show you how to get Shakeology Cheap:


Coach HD/Month


Shakeology (Chocolate & Greenberry; add $10 for Strawberry)












Coach Membership


Realized savings






Your first two months of saving offsets your one time membership cost which would result in a savings of $24.08 x 10 months=$240.08 the first year and $24.08 x 12 months=$288.96 each additional year.

When you become a Beachbody Coach Member you’ll also get your own personalized Shakeology website. Remember, only 3 customer referrals and sales of Shakeology from your website and you’ve just covered the monthly cost of your shake! Your shake is now FREE!

Beachbody Coach Members make a 25% commission on every retail order which is the difference in costs @ $29.99.

One customer sale covers TWO months of your monthly business fee – It’s a WIN-WIN situation!!

Enroll as a Beachbody Coach Member for a one-time fee of only $39.95 then order Shakeology on Home Direct. There is absolutely no obligation to sell products and you can cancel anytime.

Shakeology Cheap

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