Tai Cheng – What is it?

Tai Cheng – What is it?

Tai Cheng

Tai Cheng is Beachbody’s newest and perhaps most comprehensive fitness program. Based on the movements, concepts, and theories of traditional Yang-style Tai Chi, the Beachbody® Tai Cheng workout program is named after its creator, Dr. Mark Cheng. The Mandarin Chinese translation of Tai Cheng (as we’ve conceived of it here at Beachbody)is the “Supreme Accomplishment” in whole body health.

Tai Cheng – What is the history behind it?

Tai Cheng is based on classical Tai Chi techniques, ancient Chi Kung practices, and modern corrective exercise patterns that both rehab and prehab the body, improving the body’s metabolism, joint function, stress management, and athletic performance!

This 13 week regimen delivers tremendous benefits, whether you’re doing the first level moves and using the support of a wall or you’re an elite athlete who is looking to improve your athletic performance in safer, more holistic ways.

Every day, Tai Cheng takes you through a gentle energizing warm up and teaches you a new Tai-Chi move. These workouts are designed to improve balance, awaken dormant energy sources, tone and strengthen your muscles, soothe stiffness, and increase your range of motion.

Tai Cheng – What do I get in the package?

Tai Cheng
Tai Cheng

Here’s what you get with Tai Cheng

Tai Cheng Base Kit:

• 12 DVDs that teach you 18 essential Tai Cheng moves in over 30 workouts

• 1 Master Scroll reference DVD: Program overview; a breathing and meditation workout;

AND a detailed step-by-step guide to each move

• Additional workouts

• “Easy Does It” Fitness Guide

• “Feel Better Food Plan” Nutrition Guide

• 90-day Wall Calendar

• Blue Foam Roller

• BONUS DVD: Applied Tai Cheng for Travel and Sport, which includes 2 bonus workouts

• BONUS: “Just Eat This” week-long menu plan

• BONUS: Low-resistance Yellow and medium-resistance Green Strength Bands

Tai Cheng Master Kit:

Includes everything in Tai Cheng Base Kit plus:

• 2 DVDs that include even more Qi Gong and Master Class workouts

• 90-day Master Wall Calendar

• Weighted Gloves

• RumbleRoller®

• Heavy-Resistance Red Strength Band

You’ll also get these valuable tools:

In addition, you’ll receive these 6 FREE BONUS gifts (A $250 VALUE!) When you order from my website!
Tai Cheng

Tai Cheng
Tai Cheng

1. Applied Tai Cheng: Travel and Sport (BONUS DVD): Learn how to use Tai Cheng to get more enjoyment from your favorite sports. And, discover exercises you can do while traveling—even on a plane!
2. Low-Resistance Strength Band*: Use it to build up your strength and balance with Tai Cheng.
3. Medium-Resistance Strength Band*: Step up to the green band for more resistance.
4. “Just Eat This” Week-long Menu Plan: Receive a week’s worth of healthy meal recipes to help you make the right food choices with Tai Cheng.

5. Removeable Floor Tape: Create your Tai Cheng foot placement grid with low adhesive strips that leave no sticky marks to clean up afterward.

6. Free Team Beachbody 30-day VIP Club Membership: Stay motivated with positive peer support, chat with trainers, receive expert diet and fitness tips, and get 10% off Beachbody® gear, programs, and nutritionals.

Is Tai Cheng for YOU?

  • Are you ready to improve your metabolism and physical stamina?
  • Have you been trying to figure out how to begin exercising after a long layoff?
  • Do you want to improve your body’s ranges of motion, balance, and neuromuscular control?
  • Are you tired of doing workouts that leave you unable to function the next day due to pain or injury?
  • Are you interested in martial arts but not eager to show up to work with a black eye, busted lip, or twisted ankle?

What is Tai Chi?
A traditional Chinese martial art, Tai Chi is known more formally as T’ai Chi Ch’uan or Taijiquan, the “Supreme Ultimate Fist.” As a system of internal martial arts, Tai Chi revolves around the duality concept of balanced yin and yang energies. In the Western world, we understand this in manifestations such as positive-negative, light-dark, male-female, hot-cold, hard-soft, and external-internal. In terms of strategy and combat application, Tai Chi employs both speed and power movements, similar to those seen in other self-defense systems like Shaolin kung fu, modern wushu, karate, or taekwondo, as well as slow and smooth movements that resemble dance or yoga. Now one of the most widely practiced exercises in the world, Tai Chi has cognates in Korea (taegeuk kwon), Japan (taikyokuken), and many other countries around the world. Yang-style Tai Chi is the most widely practiced version of this Chinese art form. Because of its zero-impact nature, it has become wildly popular among the elderly throughout China and increasingly around the globe. Younger athletes are discovering it for its unique ability to train the stabilizing musculature in addition to the larger muscles known as the prime movers.

What is Qi Gong?
Qi Gong, which translates to “energy skills” or “breath exercises,” is often taught in conjunction with
Tai Chi. Qi Gong provides breathing and meditation exercises for health and even injury rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?
While it is no secret that Tai Chi practice has a plethora of benefits, it is still not well understood by mainstream medicine. Studies have been conducted at prestigious colleges and universities, such as Harvard and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, to determine how Tai Chi lowers blood pressure, improves balance, and reduces injuries due to falls. Those studies continue to yield positive data.

Are you in great shape and just looking for a new way to exercise?

Tai-Chi and the other ancient modalities within the Tai Cheng program are made for EVERYONE. It is a health restoration, health improvement, and wellness system for you.

Tai ChengIn friendship & service,

Tai Cheng

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