TurboFire Workout – New TurboFire Starter Low Impact Workouts by Chalene Johnson

TurboFire Workout – How Are These New Workouts Different Than The Originals?

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TurboFire Workout, what could be hotter than that? A TurboFire workout suited for almost anyone! The movements are slow and basic with less intensity! That’s right; Chalene Johnson has unveiled three exciting programs you can use to reach out to anyone─regardless of their coordination level or kickboxing history. And that means it’ll be easier than ever to connect people to their fitness goals with the new TurboFire Workout.

TurboFire Workout – Is the new workout for you?

Since my spinal surgery in 2006 (read about my journey here), I’ve been unable to do high impact exercises like the TurboFire Workout. When I became a Beachbody Coach, I purchased the original TurboFire Workout! I loved the music and the fun factor; however, I was never able to perform the workout without experiencing back pain. Here is my new solution to getting and staying fit with no harsh impact on my joints with the new TurboFire Workout.

TurboFire Workout – What do I get with the new program?

TurboFire Workout -Here is what you get!

TurboFire Workout
TurboFire Workout

Intro DVD

  • Get fired up as Chalene guides you through the program and provides tips on how to be successful. 
  • Fire Starter Class – Chalene introduces the moves one by one so newcomers can start off on the right foot and fans can perfect their form.

New Lower impact HIITS

The TurboFire Workout has 4 Workouts on 2 DVD’s to help acclimate the body to the intensity level of TurboFire. Remember, low impact does not mean low intensity!

  • TurboFire “Get Fired Up” Starter Class
  • Stretch 10 class
  • Low HIIT 20 Class
  • Low HIIT 25 Class

TurboFire Workout – How much do they cost?

All this for only $39.95! Plus, order through my website and I’m sending you a digital Tony Horton Workout FREE! Just email me your order number! diamondcoachlisa@gmail.com


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